Music that Defined my NY Journey, Part 1 : IMO

Music that Defined my NY Journey, Part 1 : IMO

centralparkglitch1I’ll be honest, I’m not in the best mood right now and was almost not going to do this post. But hey, I still have over an hour before my class starts and I already promised I would post it… so, this might be a little condensed and not really what I wanted to share, but I’ll try my best.

Basically, my New York journey lasted for about 5 and a half months. I had lots of fun there, lots of…

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NYC Week?

nycglitch1Tomorrow marks 6 months since I moved away from New York City, and I want to write about it. I’m just not sure if I should commit to a full week of NYC goodness, or just flood WordPress tomorrow with a bunch of different posts.

What do you all think?

What I have in mind is at least one testimonial about New York, about how much I loved it yet at the same time was completely frustrated most of the…

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What I learned from “Drunk History” last night (Hollywood is Racist) : IMO

What I learned from “Drunk History” last night (Hollywood is Racist) : IMO

Drunk_HistoryWhat I learned from “Drunk History” last night is that Hollywood is racist. I knew this before and have blogged about it before, but last night was a sort of jaw-dropping experience.

I have been meaning to watch “Drunk History” since it first aired on Comedy Central, I want to say over a year ago, but never did. I caught it last week and fell in love with it. I love it because they have good…

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Top25Tuesday is NOT HAPPENING Today

Top25Tuesday is NOT HAPPENING Today

I don’t know what happened.

I’m hopping around different wifi spots trying to get a fast connection so I can multi-task. So I went from the library to Barnes and Noble Cafe, but I didn’t actually shut down or restart my PC before I changed wifi names so my connection was screwy when I got here. I knew I was going to have to disconnect or restart, but I had written a lot for the post I planned to…

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My Top 10 Songs of the Week “WORK SUX” : MYFAVORITES

My Top 10 Songs of the Week “WORK SUX” : MYFAVORITES

Alright. Keeping it moving. Staying consistent. All that good stuff.

You guys, it has been such an AGGREVATING day here at work and I almost forgot about my weekly Top 10 List. So I’m gonna get it together and post it, but as a warning this is going to be completely random and spur of the moment. Sometimes those are the best though… so here we go.

10. Cypress Hill “I Wanna Get High”

Because I…

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