#TopTwentyFiveTuesday “…of Twenty Fourteen” : MYFAVORITES

#TopTwentyFiveTuesday “…of Twenty Fourteen” : MYFAVORITES

#TopTenThursday didn’t really happen, but that IS a weekly thing I want to keep going on this here blog. But, in the effort of trying to keep this blog active, I’m going to add another weekly list – TopTwentyFiveTuesday, or maybe this will monthly, we’ll see. (Mind you, BOTH the TopTenThursday and TopTwentyFiveTuesday won’t be exclusive to Music)

This post is to make up for two things actually,…

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Support my Campaign! : IMO

Support my Campaign! : IMO

Hello All.

So, you know me by now. I love Music, Film, TV, and the Arts, but I’ve been having a long journey in finding myself and finding my passion. The funny thing is, I took my big leap of faith and moved to New York City last Fall and I didn’t quite succeed at what I set out to do. Coming back home to the Bay Area, I somewhat reverted back to my childhood creativity which was evidenced in th…

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"Leave them be!" Why the Aaliyah and Whitney biopics are a Bad Idea : IMO

“Leave them be!” Why the Aaliyah and Whitney biopics are a Bad Idea : IMO

On Friday, Alexandra Shipp was officially cast to play the late Aaliyah in the controversial Lifetime biopic. This comes after the debacle of Zendaya Colemanand the backlash that came from her being hired for the role. The internet went crazy, mainly complaining that the girl didn’t look enough like Aaliyah (which honestly is a dumb complaint given how Diana Ross killed her performance of Billie…

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My Top 10 Songs of the Week “The Rebirth” : MYFAVORITES

My Top 10 Songs of the Week “The Rebirth” : MYFAVORITES

Remember when I used to do a weekly Top 10 on my blog!? Well, IT’S BACK!!! Mainly because I feel like I need to keep this blog active, but also because I want to share to my readers what I’ve been getting into on any given week. So here goes!

10. Ke$ha “The Harold Song”

Okay, so here’s what happened. I pulled out a bunch of burned CD’s I made before I went ahead and ditched the physical element…

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