What I learned from “Drunk History” last night (Hollywood is Racist) : IMO

What I learned from “Drunk History” last night (Hollywood is Racist) : IMO

Drunk_HistoryWhat I learned from “Drunk History” last night is that Hollywood is racist. I knew this before and have blogged about it before, but last night was a sort of jaw-dropping experience.

I have been meaning to watch “Drunk History” since it first aired on Comedy Central, I want to say over a year ago, but never did. I caught it last week and fell in love with it. I love it because they have good…

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Top25Tuesday is NOT HAPPENING Today

Top25Tuesday is NOT HAPPENING Today

I don’t know what happened.

I’m hopping around different wifi spots trying to get a fast connection so I can multi-task. So I went from the library to Barnes and Noble Cafe, but I didn’t actually shut down or restart my PC before I changed wifi names so my connection was screwy when I got here. I knew I was going to have to disconnect or restart, but I had written a lot for the post I planned to…

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My Top 10 Songs of the Week “WORK SUX” : MYFAVORITES

My Top 10 Songs of the Week “WORK SUX” : MYFAVORITES

Alright. Keeping it moving. Staying consistent. All that good stuff.

You guys, it has been such an AGGREVATING day here at work and I almost forgot about my weekly Top 10 List. So I’m gonna get it together and post it, but as a warning this is going to be completely random and spur of the moment. Sometimes those are the best though… so here we go.

10. Cypress Hill “I Wanna Get High”

Because I…

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#TopTenThursday Top 10 Beyoncé Videos : MYFAVORITES #BEYONCEWEEK

#TopTenThursday Top 10 Beyoncé Videos : MYFAVORITES #BEYONCEWEEK

Beyoncéis so very nice to look at, which is why her music videos are so celebrated, and a huge part of her Legacy. She can be incredibly sexy, she can dance her ass off, she even does a great job of expressing emotions and attitudes using just her gorgeous face. She’s also a fashion Icon, so the styling in her videos are always fresh and unique. Below are my Top 10 Favorite Beyoncé videos that…

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Discography Review : Beyonce (2003-2013) #BEYONCEWEEK

Discography Review : Beyonce (2003-2013) #BEYONCEWEEK

There are so many different elements that make up the machine that is Beyoncé . She’s an entrepreneur, producer, philanthropist, style Icon, sometimes Actress, wife, mother, sister. It’s easy to forget with all of those titles that she’s a recording artist First and foremost. Over the past 11 years she’s accomplished so much as a celebrity, let’s take a moment to analyze her art.

image (3)

Dangerously in…

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Bey-ware of the BeyHive, The Wrath of the Beyonce Stans : IMO

Bey-ware of the BeyHive, The Wrath of the Beyonce Stans : IMO

image (1)I’m a big, big, big, HUGE fan of Miss BeyoncéKnowles Carter. I respect her as an artist, performer, business woman and everything else and I truly feel she’s one of the best celebs of all time. However, sometimes I try to downplay my excitement for her in public because I don’t want to get the label of being “one of those Crazy Beyoncé Stans”. Because in all honesty The BeyHive can get a little…

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